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Contraception Mehtods

Contraception Mehtods

There are many different methods of birth control for women of all ages. Click to see a few of the most common methods, how they work and some basic information. These include external links to pages with much more detail including the NHS and family plan

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Bargain Pushchairs

Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Restore Scratched Plastics

To Restore scratched pushchair and pram plastics, the best method by far is using a Nail File or emery board. These can be picked up from virtually anywhere, beauty shops or retail shops in your local town. Prices range from a couple of pence to a pound or 2. When buying the emery board buy 1 that has a rough and a smooth side also if you buy a 4 way nail buffer this will put the sheen back onto the plastic.

Depending on the severity of the scratch, if deep or really bad use the roughest side first, when buffering the scratches out, go in the direction of the scratch, as going against the scratch may make more scratches. When you have achieved the overall look of the area where the scratch was to your standard simply use the smoother side of the emery board, to make it even smoother! When it is smooth, use your 4 way buffer (if you have bought 1) use the 1, 2, 3, 4, sides. This should make the area really smooth and shine… If you haven’t used a 4 way nail buffer, simply get a tiny bit of Vaseline and rub it into the area in a quick circular motion.

When you have finished doing the scratch removal process sit back and be proud of your very handy work. Also how New your buggy looks ?

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Trying for a baby informaton

Great tips for both men and women when trying for a baby.

If your trying for a baby check out our great "getting pregnant" tips. We offer some brilliant information for both men and women to greater the chances of you becoming pregnant.
Getting Pregnant

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